Sunday, June 10, 2012

Olympics: Brief history of the Modern Games 1900 Paris

The 1900 Olympics ran in conjunction with the Paris Universal Exposition and there were no opening or closing ceremonies. Over a thousand competitors took part in 19 different sports (Archery, Cricket, Croquet, Golf, Polo, Rugby and Rowing were added). The decision to hold competitions on a Sunday brought protests from many American athletes, who travelled as representatives of their colleges and were expected to withdraw rather than compete on the Sabbath. Twelve women took part in the games for the first time and Charlotte Cooper (tennis) became the first female Olympic champion. Instead of gold medals the winners received paintings because the French believed they were more valuable. The Second Olympiad took 5 months to complete.

Women’s golf was an Olympic Event for the first and last time. The French lady golfers handicapped themselves by wearing tight fitting skirts and high heels.

The American Tug of War team wanted to compete wearing spikes but other teams objected so they competed barefoot.

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