Wednesday, July 25, 2012

LOCOG put their foot down

Schoolchildren taking part in a Guard of Honour for athletes ahead of the Olympics Opening Ceremony have been told to wear Adidas shoes to avoid being turned away. The eight youngsters from John Hampden Primary in Oxfordshire have been informed they must either wear shoes made by the Olympics sponsor or have no visible branding on their trainers at all. LOCOG, the organisational committee for the games, confirmed the regulations. 'They have been given practical guidance on clothing, including footwear and we’ve advised comfortable, unbranded or Adidas shoes should be worn.’ 2,000 performers will take part in the Guard of Honour and line the route as participants make their way from the Village to the Stadium ahead of the Athletes Parade. Olympic chiefs have already been accused of taking too heavy-handed an approach to protecting the rights of sponsors. Frisbees are already banned, as are long-lens cameras, Che Guevara T-shirts and vuvuzelas.

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